Fiona Black

Mastering your transformation purpose. Fiona works with clients to reveal their underlying and limiting beliefs, the cause that is creating the physical manifestation or effects in their lives. Coach and Mentor clients to move beyond these limiting beliefs and create and incorporate new thoughts, beliefs and actions that are aligned with their goals and desires.  She uses the philosophies of (FLP) Combines Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Hypnotherapy and Meditation. This is an amazing guided therapy, make informed decisions, remove blocks holding you back to transform and heal your life.

Mindbody Coach & Mentor (Fiona Black)

So, what is Mindbody Coaching? The simple answer is that coaching supports individuals by helping them to build upon what is already working in their lives. It also brings awareness and healing to areas in which they might be stuck, or want to find a healthy balance. My coaching skills helps clients to harness new behaviors and make lasting changes using self-care health tools and techniques. The goal is to bring balance between your mind and body (which is really one entity “Mindbody”). Depending on the cases, I will be using different modalities or tools such as neuroplasticity, RTT (Rapid Transformation Therapy) and Hypnotherapy. Additionally, I will teach meditation and use various relaxation techniques such as guided imagery, visualization and Sound Therapy. Finally, if needed, I will also work on body awareness techniques such as therapeutic movement, Qi Gong and breath work.

Mindset Transformation Consultation

Health & Wellness Information

As your mentor & coach, my job is not to “treat” you, but to be your ally and your resource. When it comes to health and wellness issues, I will help you discover steps you may choose to take towards greater health and higher levels of wellness. As your ally, I can be a source of support and accountability, helping you to follow through with AC professional team. Please share with me information about your health and wellness so that I may more fully understand your health challenges and aspirations for higher levels of wellness