300 Iron Warrior Tips: If you are looking for a quick reference guide to help with all things nutrition and training geared to perform maximally in your fitness efforts.

When it comes to regaining self-control over what we eat – and subsequently how we feel – the most common initial obstacle newcomers worry about is commitment and dedication. Although transformation protocols have created a suitable platform for this, often they advocate a program that requires 12 weeks of dedication, and after the first gut-wrenching 3 weeks, another 9 can seem like an impossible task. One that simply takes up far too much time and sacrifice. This perception of required effort can actually be modified very easily by a design of structured program that is geared towards specific short-term goals. Aesthetic Resistance Programming 3 (or ARP3) has been created to give multiple short-term achievable objectives, which are designed to allow people the capability to fully commit, ensuring that they actually reach their long-term goals. With the finish line always looking closer, it is so much easier to keep going. High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) is a good example of successful exercise adherence, which works within a similar methodology. Since the introduction of HIIT, more and more people have been able to increase their cardiovascular health. This, I feel, is due to three main reasons:

1. Greater metabolic shift or homeostatic changes due to dramatic short exposure of high oxygen turnover. 2. The psychological aspect. When people know that they only need to move a short distance they generally will increase the amount of work they produce in that distance; therefore, the idea of pacing oneself becomes of little concern as the end is near. So in the end, you work harder! 3. Sustainability. Due to the effectiveness of psychological accomplishment and goal accomplishment, one is more likely going to sustain the frequency of training required to attain a result.

Thus, ARP3 was designed with this in mind, to provide short-term attainable objectives along with brief periods of nutritional adherence. Providing the consumer with varied diets, training programming and psychological enforcement to give them everything they need to have the confidence to get started. ARP3 takes into consideration four major causative factors that result in fat mass gain, these factors and the subsequent symptoms are dealt with via our nutritional, training and supplementation strategies: 1. Malnourishment 2. Lack of lean muscle mass 3. Poor aerobic capacity 4. Lack of proprioceptive awareness