1. Please measure your temperature orally and place the thermometer deep under your tongue. Do not take your temperature underarm or use an ear thermometer.
2. Avoid taking temperatures after activity (even climbing up stairs can alter the temperature), eating, or drinking for at least 20 minutes.
3. Take 3 temperatures across the day approximately 3 hours apart.
4. Take your first morning temperature approximately 3 hours after waking up i.e. if you rise at 7:30 AM, your temperatures should be taken at 10:30 AM, 1:30 PM, and 5:30 PM. Please do not take a number of temperatures in a row because experience shows that the temperature will rise with each subsequent reading.

What kind of thermometer do you recommend?
There are a number of excellent models available at your local drug store. We recommend the Lumiscope Digital thermometer.
• Take 3 temperatures a day 3 hours apart from one another.
• Take the first temperature approximately 3 hours after getting up
• Avoid activity, eating, and drinking 20 minutes prior to testing
• Use a digital thermometer, not a mercury or an ear thermometer
• Take only one reading each time
• Fill out the temperature chart and bring it back to the clinic at the next appointment

Recording Temperatures on a Graph
• Please calculate the average of the 3 daily temperatures taken and plot that average on the graph.
• We recommend that you use a number that represents the number of temperatures taken that day when writing on the graph.
• Thus if you only took 2 temperatures on one day you put a number 2 in the cell that corresponds to the average daily temperature and the day of the week the temperature was taken.
• You can also put in additional data such as mood, energy level, changes in supplement protocols or medication etc. This can be helpful for us to work out the pattern of the temperature changes.
• Finally please connect the numbers in a line so we get a graphical representation of the temperatures. If you miss a day please stop and restart the line i.e. do not connect the days either side of the missing day.
• Please plot your averages on the graph on the next page

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