We all have had times in our lives when responsibilities pile onto responsibilities and life crises through wrenches into plans. We are living in a society where everything is becoming faster and faster and more energy is needed to catch up. How does your body do this? Your adrenal glands amp up their work by […]

Life Changing Habits Core and additional beneficial Habits. Index: Core Habits – 1 Protein consumption within first hour upon waking. Eat every 2-4 hours. Sleep before 10pm No electronics 90min before bed. Morning Motivation Gratitude 90 min before bed Minimum of two servings of green veggies. Minimum of 7500steps daily Maximum of two shots of […]

Resetting stress Performance is a constant quest, one which most of us aim to improve, getting ahead in the ‘rat’ race of life. Whether it be going to the gym to gain a great physique or producing reports to present your ideas, performance is a key factor in all goals and dreams we have. Recovery […]

The celebrated gold standard of measuring what we do, and we are successful in what we do, are the following three biometrics: Fasting Glucose Temperature Pulse Rate Here’s why… Fasting Glucose This is hugely vital to get a grip of and to keep under control and is often an indicator that something is amiss. Your […]

“The correlation between Leptin and obesity, weight management. In 2016 a study was conducted on ‘The biggest losers’ show, where contestants were tested for the longterm effects of fast weight loss. The study showed that losing large amounts of fat within a short periodof time increased their resistance to Leptin by twenty fold. The long […]

Worried about the inflating spare tyre around your belly? Desperate to beat that unsightly bulge into submission? Let me tell you about belly fat. It slowly creeps up on you to take firm hold, resulting in poor health, potentially limits your quality of life, and a sharp nose-dive in self-esteem. Belly fat is uncomfortable, can […]

Improve digestion: establishing optimal acid reactions in the gut improves your chances of not allowing pathogens to leak into the gut and eventual bloodstream Reduce your intake of refined sugar Ensure that consume bitter foods as part of your diet such as sauerkrautRemove all distractions that entertain the mind whilst eating, especially electronics. Increase nutrient […]

Checks and balances….a question of homeostasis. Physiological economics transcends simple calorie counting, truthfully calories are a mere energy factor but not a definitive hormone antagonist. Depending on the type of macronutrient and source of nutrients contained in each macronutrient, a diverse series of reactions can occur. Insulin is produced from beta cells in the pancreas, […]

A QUICK GUIDE TOWARD DETERMINING CALORIC INTAKE Why are you not losing fat and gaining muscle? Before one can delve into a calorie target there are certain considerations that need to be made. Diet and caloric intake depending on how healthy and efficient your digestive system is. Metabolic efficiency is closely tied into the symptomatic […]